Shengshihuanqiu.com is hosted in China / Hangzhou . Shengshihuanqiu.com doesn't use HTTPS protocol. Number of used technologies: 4. First technologies: CSS, Html, Javascript, Number of used javascripts: 4. First javascripts: Banner.js, Jquery-1.8.2.js, DD_belatedPNG_0.0.8a-min.js, Number of used analytics tools: 0. Its server type is: Microsoft-IIS/7.5.

Technologies in use by Shengshihuanqiu.com


Number of occurences: 4
  • CSS
  • Html
  • Javascript
  • jQuery



Number of occurences: 4
  • banner.js
  • jquery-1.8.2.js
  • DD_belatedPNG_0.0.8a-min.js
  • ie6Fixpng.js

Server Type

  • Microsoft-IIS/7.5

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HTTPS (SSL) - Shengshihuanqiu.com

Missing HTTPS protocol.

    Meta - Shengshihuanqiu.com

    Number of occurences: 3
    • Name:
      Content: text/html; charset=utf-8
    • Name: description
      Content: 盛世环球培训学校
    • Name: keywords
      Content: 盛世环球英语

    Server / Hosting

    • IP:
    • Latitude: 30.29
    • Longitude: 120.16
    • Country: China
    • City: Hangzhou


    • dns9.hichina.com
    • dns10.hichina.com


    • hostmaster.hichina.com

    HTTP Header Response

    HTTP/1.1 200 OK Cache-Control: private Content-Type: text/html; charset=utf-8 Server: Microsoft-IIS/7.5 X-AspNet-Version: 2.0.50727 X-Powered-By: ASP.NET X-UA-Compatible: IE=EmulateIE7 Date: Tue, 16 Aug 2016 12:15:11 GMT Content-Length: 16375 X-Cache: MISS from s_fl343 X-Cache-Lookup: MISS from s_fl343:80 Via: 1.1 s_fl343 (squid/3.5.9) Connection: keep-alive


    host: shengshihuanqiu.com
    1. class: IN
    2. ttl: 600
    3. type: A
    4. ip:
    host: shengshihuanqiu.com
    1. class: IN
    2. ttl: 86400
    3. type: NS
    4. target: dns9.hichina.com
    host: shengshihuanqiu.com
    1. class: IN
    2. ttl: 86400
    3. type: NS
    4. target: dns10.hichina.com
    host: shengshihuanqiu.com
    1. class: IN
    2. ttl: 600
    3. type: SOA
    4. mname: dns9.hichina.com
    5. rname: hostmaster.hichina.com
    6. serial: 1
    7. refresh: 3600
    8. retry: 1200
    9. expire: 3600
    10. minimum-ttl: 600

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